COVID-19 Update


 Updated March 3, 2022:

Dear ALL STARS Families, 

As things are finally taking a turn for the better, we are so happy to slowly roll out the Covid guidelines we’ve so enjoyed to date. ;-) 

Starting Monday, lucky March 7th: 

__ We will no longer be requiring the Covid Health Form or taking temperature checks. 
HOWEVER, we ask you continue monitoring your household’s health status and DO NOT send in your dancer if sick. 
• Please be aware our faculty and staff reserve the right to send a student home, if showing any symptoms of illness.  
• Please continue to observe Covid quarantine guidelines for positive cases.

And, please know masks will continue to be an individual personal choice. We all respect each family’s choice. <3 


__ Lobby will be fully open to STUDENTS 
__ We will slowly open our lobby back up to PARENTS during alternate hours as follows: 
      Mar   7-11th,  lobby will be open for parents with students in 4:30 & 6:30 classes 
      Mar 14-18th,  lobby will be open for parents with students in 5:30 & 7:30 classes 


__ Length of classes will increase to 55 minutes in length.  This means classes will let out at 25 past the hour. 
__ Zoom links will be made available upon request— this means you will need to call or email with enough time to allow us to connect that class for you. 


__ Carpool will continue "as is” through March 18th 
__ Carpool will NO longer be active starting March 21st.  This means all students can enter and exit the lobby door. 
Please note: we will continue to use the front classroom door for those classes; however, if a younger students’ parent is not at the door, we will send that student to the lobby to wait for pick-up. 

We are so happy to be getting back to normal.  We are all counting on each other to be proactive in monitoring illness and keep from spreading not only Covid, but also colds and flu’s. 

Thank you for trusting ALL STARS throughout the past two years.  We are happy to have been able to maintain your child’s dance education while keeping the best interests and safety guidelines for our students. 

Much love, 

Ms. Victoria, Faculty and Staff 


Updated January 25, 2022:

Dear ALL STARS Families,

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently updated COVID-19 quarantine and isolation recommendations, ALL STARS will observe these guideline in regard to when to stay home from your dance classes. (

For ease, I will use IF-THEN...

IF: you were exposed to Covid-19 and are NOT vaccinated
THEN: STAY HOME.  Quarantine for 5 full days. Even if you don’t develop symptoms, get tested at least 5 days after you last had close contact with someone with COVID-19. 
AND: Wear a well-fitted mask for 10 full days.

IF: you were exposed to COVID-19 and ARE vaccinated, AND you do not have any symptoms
THEN:  COME TO CLASS with a MASK.  Get tested at least 5 days after you last had close contact with someone with COVID-19. IF YOU DEVELOP SYMPTOMS, STAY HOME and get tested. Continue to stay home until you know the results.

IF: you were exposed to COVID-19, but have been positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days (you tested positive using a viral test)
THEN: COME TO CLASS with a MASK.  You do not need to stay home unless you develop symptoms.  IF YOU DEVELOP SYMPTOMS, STAY HOME and get tested. Continue to stay home until you know the results.

For full details visit this CDC link:

 ALL STARS will continue to require the health forms, to help create awareness of potential symptoms, and do temperature checks at check-in, in addition to exiting the classroom doors to reduce the amount of people students are exposed to.  We hope things continue to improve and welcome everyone back into the lobby soon.  But we rather err on the side of caution so we can KEEP DANCING! :-)

Best wishes for a healthy and happy life,
Ms. Victoria <3


Updated August 23, 2021:

Dear ALL STARS Families, 

I want to share my appreciation for the families who have taken precautions regarding Covid-19, by communicating with us and staying at home when not feeling well, when contact traced, and of course when having positive results.  Your proactiveness is what kept ALL STARS open last season, and we hope this season.  To that effort, I would like to update our Covid-19 policies for attending dance. 

If you’re sick, please don’t come to dance… What symptoms should I look out for? 
From CDC:  “People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Anyone can have mild to severe symptoms. People with these or other symptoms may have COVID-19: 
• Fever or chills 
• Cough 
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
• Fatigue 
• Muscle or body aches 
• Headache 
• New loss of taste or smell 
• Sore throat 
• Congestion or runny nose 
• Nausea or vomiting 
• Diarrhea” 
When reading this list, it seems if you feel ANYTHING, it may be Covid-19. So, I suggest you simply use your common sense. Please take care in noticing out-of-the-ordinary symptoms in yourself and your household.  If it seems weird, err on the side of caution and call in to take your dance classes on Zoom. 

What do I do if I’ve been contact traced? 
Think back to when was the last time you were in contact with the person who tested positive.  If it’s been 5+ days, get tested.  If your test is negative, you can return to your dance classes.  If you rather not get tested, please wait it out— If after 10 days, you still have no symptoms, you may return to your dance classes. 

Can I use a Covid-19 home test? 
The CDC approves home tests.  They say:
"• All instructions for performing the test must be followed. 
• Self-tests can be used by anyone who is symptomatic regardless of their vaccination status. 
• Unvaccinated persons with no COVID-19 symptoms can also use self-tests, especially if they were potentially exposed to someone with COVID-19. 
• If an individual tests positive, they should isolate and inform any close contacts.” 
They also recommend taking the home test twice to confirm the result: firstly after 5 days after exposure, and then two days after.  Please follow this before returning to dance classes 

What if I test positive for Covid-19? 
If you had symptoms, I’m sure you would have not been at dance at all, but if you did not realize you had symptoms and got tested due to being contact traced, please let us know ASAP so we can advise your dance mates.  You can return to dance after 10 days from testing positive, as long as you show no symptoms. 

Remember, not taking these precautionary measures doesn’t only affect you, if you end up positive for Covid-19, it also affects your dance mates, their families, their families’ co-workers, etc…  It’s a whole domino effect that can easily be avoided.  So I thank you so much for being a team player, and I wish everyone a safe and healthy season. 

Much love, 
Ms. Victoria 


Updated May 14, 2021:


You may be hearing the news from CDC no longer requiring the usage of masks for those who have been vaccinated.  I will go forward to also agree with the studies showing those who had been positive for Covid-19 to also be exempt from wearing masks.  In light of this, I am making adjustments to our Covid-19 policies as follows: 

- We will continue to do temperature checks upon entering the building. 

- We will continue to require the health form to ensure awareness of exposure to Covid-19 symptoms and positives. 

- We will continue to require a 10 day quarantine without symptoms for students who have been contact traced, and 14 days and no symptoms for those who have tested positive, to include household members. 

- We will continue to limit the size of classes. 

- We will continue to limit entry to the building to minimize the amount of people in the building. 

Only two Changes: 

- Teachers will no longer be required to wear a mask, if they have taken the vaccine or had been positive for Covid-19. 

- Mask usage of students in the building is now at the discretion of the family. 

    -- This means that when they are waiting in the lobby some dancers may be wearing masks and other not. 
    -- Please know for now, we will continue social distancing in this common area. 
    -- Please discuss this with your children, so they do not question others students' usage of a mask— this is a personal choice and should be respected.  Thank you.  <3 

We will revisit these policies in the summer months, and communicate with you as we do. 

In regard to Friends’ Week Open House, depending on the size of the class, we may require masks.  This will be at each individual teacher’s discretion.  Thank you for understanding. 

We appreciate the trust you have put in us to keep our dance academy a safe environment for your child’s dance education. 

Sincerely and with much love and attention, 

Ms. Victoria



Updated August 5, 2020:

Virtual Students 

•  You will receive an email specific to your class(es) with instructions for joining virtually. 

•  Take care in planning where you will be taking class:  At minimum, find a space that allows you enough room to turn with arms completely stretched out.  Make sure you have a flat surface, good lighting, and do your best to position your camera so we can fully see your body.  If you can mirror image your device to a TV, it is greatly suggested to do so, to allow you the best visual of your class. 

•  Make sure to be dressed in your dance uniform, have your hair out of your face, wear the proper shoes for the style you are taking and have a water bottle close at hand. 

•  Finally, please treat your virtual classes as seriously as if you were inside the classroom.  Aslways do your best, and please feel free to ask questions and actively participate in class. 

In-Studio Students 

If you're considering our On-Campus programs, please be ready to meet our required safety guidelines.  
Please know we'll continue to monitor and adjust our policies based on CDC guidelines, government mandates, and common sense (sometimes lacking these days…). 

What to expect... 

Things will be a bit different now. Here is a list of what to expect so you can have the best experience in your Fall classes. :-) 

1) Arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time, and NOT any earlier than that, as you will have to wait outside if you are early.  STAND on a yellow line when waiting to enter the lobby door.  Parents: please do not leave until your child’s temperature is checked.  If they happen to have a temperature they will need to go back home and will not be allowed to wait inside the building. 

2) Have your completed health form* in hand when walking in the lobby door. 

* Attachment: Covid-19 Parent Health Note for Fall 2020.pdf (43.5kB) 

Parents, you will need to PRINT these forms at home and complete them each day your child comes to ALL STARS. And they must have it in hand when they approach the door to come inside.    It will delay the entry process to wait for you to complete the form at the door, thus we will NOT be providing forms at the door.  If you do not have a printer that works, you can hand write it (old school :-)  Also, please DO NOT pre-fill them, because your circumstance can change daily. 

3) Once inside the door, stand on the ALL STARS Hat to have your temperature taken with an infrared forehead thermometer. 

Please realize that if you have a fever, you will need to go home. 

DO YOU HAVE TO WEAR A MASK?   YES! Please wear a mask to enter the building and until your temperature is checked. 

All teachers and staff will be wearing masks.  As for in class itself, students are welcome to wear a mask, but it is not required. 

4) Place your dance bag on the chair next to the bathroom door and wash your hands thoroughly (see washing hands instruction on the mirror) 

5) Take your things and go straight into your classroom, or stand on a tile with a STAR if waiting for your classroom to be disinfected. 

6) Once you have been assigned a number, place your things in the corresponding box at the side of the room,  and return to your assigned dance box. 

7) Make sure to wear your uniform into the building— the changing room is off limits. 

For reference, here is the Uniform requirements page: 

If you have another class and need a different color leotard, consider layering-- it's so easy! :-) 

PLEASE take your street shoes off before entering the classroom, and DO NOT wear your dance shoes outside.  Hip Hop students, please have a designated pair of sneakers for dance class— if worn outside, make sure to clean the bottoms before wearing in the classroom. Thank you! <3 

8) Make sure to bring a water bottle(s), as the water fountains are off limits. 

9) Carry an umbrella in your dance bag: you will need to exit the classroom door after class.  Although we will have tents outside, only 4 students fit under the tent with proper social distancing. If it’s raining or very sunny, an umbrella will be convenient. 

10) Please be picked up on time.  Classes will be released at 20 minutes past the hour.  You will need to wait outside the building, as we will not have waiting room, and need to disinfect the classrooms between classes. 

STAND on a yellow line outside when waiting to be picked up in order to maintain proper distance. 

Rooms 1 & 2 release from the rear of the building. 

Room 3 releases in front of the building. 

AGAIN, IF your class is in Room 1 or 2, you will be released on the backside of the building. Parents, you will pick up your dancers via carpool line behind the building. 


•   We will release the students at 20 minutes past the hour. 

•   Please pull up to the 4th door on the building— this will allow for more cars to wait in line.  There should never be more than 20 cars (as we have a limit of a max of 20 students for those rooms).  
PLEASE SEE CARPOOL LINE MAP ATTACHED:   ASPA Carpool Instructions.pdf (3.9MB) 

•   Please be patient with us the first week, while the drivers and students learn the carpool vibe.  We practiced this summer and had nine K-2 dancers in their cars within 3 minutes…  I’m sure we move a max of 20 dancers pretty fast if we all follow the instructions. 

•   AND Please note: ONLY students who are driving themselves will be allowed to walk around to the front parking lot. 


•   If you have another class in the same classroom, you will remain in the classroom. 

•   If you have another class in a different classroom, you will exit the classroom as everyone else and re-enter the lobby door and go into your next class. 

•   If you have another class at a later time, you will leave and return 10 minutes prior to that later class time. 


You must be really excited and want to know what classroom you’re be in. :-) 

Here is the list by day and time. 
Please note the classroom assigned may change-- if this ever happens to your class, we will let you know immediately. :-) 


3:30  Twinkle Toes— Room 1- CARPOOL 

4:30  Teen Ballet 3— Room 1- CARPOOL 
         Teen Ballroom 1/2-- Room 3- Front classroom door

5:30  K-2 Ballet-- Room 1- CARPOOL
         Irish— Room 3—  Front classroom door 
         Teen Hip Hop 3/4— Room 2— CARPOOL 

6:30  Teen Hip Hop 2— Room 2— CARPOOL 
         Teen Ballet 4— Room 1— CARPOOL 
         LM Jazz 1— Room 3- Front classroom door 

7:30  Pointe 2— Room 1— CARPOOL 
         Teen Hip Hop 1— Room 2— CARPOOL 
         Pre-Pointe— Room 3— Front classroom door 


4:30  K-2 Jazz— Room 3— Front classroom door
         Teen Jazz 4— Room 1— CARPOOL 

5:30  LM Ballet 1/2— Room 1— CARPOOL
         Turns & Leaps— Room 3—  Front classroom door 

6:30  LM Jazz 2— Room 3— Front classroom door
         Teen Ballet 2— Room 2— CARPOOL 
         Teen Contemporary 3— Room 1-  CARPOOL

7:30  Mini & JR Starlets— Room 3-  Front classroom door
         Teen Contemporary 1— Room 2— CARPOOL 
         Teen Contemporary 2-- Room 1-- CARPOOL


4:30  K-2 Hip Hop-- Room 3-- Front Classroom door
         Teen Belly Dancing— Room 1—  CARPOOL 

5:30  3rd-5th Hip Hop— Room 3—  Front classroom door
         LM Ballet 1/2— Room 1— CARPOOL 
         Teen Ballroom 3-- Room 2-- CARPOOL

6:30  Teen Tap 1— Room 2— CARPOOL 
         LM Contemporary— Room 1— CARPOOL 
         Teen Ballet 3/4— Room 3—  Front classroom door 

7:30  Teen Jazz 2— Room 3— Front classroom door 

8:00  Pointe 1/2— Room 1— CARPOOL 


4:40  K-2 Ballet— Room 3—  Front classroom door 
         LM ballet 1— Room 1— CARPOOL 
         Teen Partnering— Room 2— CARPOOL 

5:30  Teen Jazz 3— Room 2— CARPOOL 
         JR Ballroom— Room 1— CARPOOL 
         Teen Prime Technique— Room 3—  Front classroom door 

6:30  LM Ballroom— Room 2— CARPOOL 
         Teen Ballet 2— Room 1— CARPOOL 
         Teen Jazz 1— Room 3—  Front classroom door 

7:30  Teen Tap 2— Room 3—  Front classroom door 


We can’t wait to see you soon at ALL STARS, Where Your Star Shines Bright!


Let's do our best to keep each other safe so we can continue dancing!!!


Have you left your hometown? If you've traveled to a different city & were among larger groups of people, allow for 14 days of quarantining after traveling back, before returning to the studio. 

Do you have allergies? Given the virus is spread in droplets from mucus, you may be asymptomatic & could infect someone else via your sneeze. So, if your allergy symptoms aren't under control, speak with your doctor or allergist about treatment options before returning to dance.


ALL STARS Safety procedures:



Your dance training will not be affected if a Stay-at Home order is reenacted. 
All your classes will be automatically, immediately & seamlessness continued virtually via Zoom.

We learned a lot about using Zoom during the initial Stay-at Home order, and even more during our Virtual summer programs.  From easier login communication to small viewing groups, we are better prepared to hold exciting and more interactive virtual classes. :-) 


We hope to see you soon at ALL STARS, Where Your Star Shines Bright!









As of April 1, 2020 

Dear ALL STARS Families, 

Firstly, for those of you participating in recital, I will address Recital concerns: 

I have been working out the logistics before making communication with you, but it seems the theater got ahead of me… I have officially moved our Spring recital to June 6th. 

I will send out further details once we have worked it all out regarding rehearsals dates and times for that first week of June.  Of course, this is all pending that we will have an okay by then. 

Why had I already made the change?  Given President Trump’s extension through April 30, I anticipated GA would follow, and thus I went ahead and secured the theatre for June 6.   I am optimistic for this date, but should we continue to be on social distancing then, I will revisit the date... 

I will always try to make decisions that will keep our students and their families safe, while still providing them with the celebration of a year of hard work; especially now that we are in such unprecedented times…   I want them to have something special to look forward to; something they can focus on each day during this stay-at-home and online learning. 

Secondly, I will discuss Gov. Kemp’s address today, April 1st, and how it affects all of us. 

As you may have heard, Gov. Kemp has issued an order for a state-wide Shelter-in-Place for two weeks (April 3-13). 

For us “Gwinnettians” nothing has changed, for we have already been on lock-down.  Grocery stores and pharmacies will still be open for basic necessities, but we should try to not leave our homes as best we can.  He has also announced schools will remain on online learning through the rest of the school year. 

Fortunately, ALL STARS had already made the decision to switch to ZOOM online classes starting Monday, April 6, so that we can best serve our dear students through this tough time. 

This situation can cause confusion, anxiety and depression in our children, whether it’s directIy, or indirectly (by watching and feeling how us adults are feeling and coping ourselves). 

I am so grateful to our amazing faculty and staff for working with me to provide a wonderful dance outlet for our dancers via these online classes,  and also a way for them to connect and cyber socialize with all their dance mates in the Waiting Room before each class starts. <3 

We had our first Zoom meeting today, so we could learn the best ways to utilize this service and best engage our students, and assure they don’t just maintain their dance skills, but actually continue to grow as a dancer, even when training at home. 

We are so excited to share the details on how to use Zoom, and how we will continue with additional resources for our students.   I will send you a separate email with all the details. :-) 


Once again, I am so grateful ALL STARS can continue to serve you, and so humbled by your love and support. 

Much love, 

Ms. Victoria



As of March 27, 2020

Online classes will continue through April 24th, per Gov. Kemp’s order. 

When we return from Spring Break, dance classes will continue to be held online:  
ASPA will continue to provide online classes via Facebook live in order to continue our service in providing our students’ with dance education.

Please find email sent dated March 27, around 1:30PM for all details regarding classes, homework, recital schedules, and summer.

Also, check-out our new pages for Home Online Training and Support. You can access via our ALL STARS Student Pages. (See email dated March 30th for password)

If you have any questions, comments, or need help with online class set-up, 2020-2021 or Summer enrollment, please call us at 678-400-0091, or email us at

The awesome students, teachers and staff are a very special family, and we miss seeing all of you in the classroom. ALL STARS is our 2nd home, and we will continue to be here for each other throughout it all, even if it is online.

Kids, Remember to keep thanking your parents for all they for you, and make sure you take care of them too.  <3 

We’ll keep seeing you online.

With much love always,
Ms. Victoria



As of March 19, 2020

Hello, ALL STARS Family. 

We will continue with Online Classes next week, March 23-27.  Spring Break is the Week after, March 3-April 3rd.  We will review the situation and best course of action that week and communicate with you. Also, please know that Recital Photos are postponed until further notice.

If you have not done so already, please make sure to join your teacher(s) group, so you can take your class. Please find the email's sent with all the details-- first email was sent March 14th.

It’s only been 5 or 6 days since we were asked to do social separation, and we are already having withdrawal symptoms.  (And most people have not even truly isolated themselves— they are still going to the store, visiting family, friend and neighbors, going to what gyms are left open, and so on…) 

I am so sad and sorry that our world is in this situation, but given that it is, we must make the most of it; let’s find the silver linings, let's love each other, stay calm and patient, and let’s make sure we are responsible (yes; kids. This means you must do your school work, attend your online classes, and help with chores-- just like us grown-ups need to do our work, take care of the house and of you, and still love you very much).  Many parts of our lives may become affected by this crisis, and how we handle them will not only affect our own lives, but also that of our neighbors, community, and, domino effect later, the state of our country.  That’s heavy (I’m dating myself with this phrase, lol). 

So, I’ll do my part by continuing to work on the best ways to keep your children active and physically agile and strong through dance.  I am so proud of our faulty and staff for their hard work during our new online classes and their care and dedication to your child’s dance education.  Watching the videos our students have been posting brings us such joy and pride.  So, I also thank you so much for your support of these online classes. 

Kids, we love you so much! Every one of you is so special, and you are such a wonderful individual, with such power and importance in the lives that you touch. Remember to thank your parents for all they for you, and make sure you take care of them too.  <3 

We’ll keep seeing you online. 

Much love, 

Ms. Victoria




As of March 14, 2020

Dear ALL STARS Families, 

We continue to monitor the situation, and I realize the best way to do our part is to: 

Close ALL STARS for the week of March 16, providing online learning via Facebook live Private Groups. 

We will review on a weekly basis to determine the best course of action to keep our students safe while still being well served. 

And we will postpone Recital photos— possibly to March 28th, but that will be determined based on how things are progressing. 

A note from Ms. Victoria: 
With all that is being presented on the news and social media, our children must be confused and anxious.  Dance is a healthy outlet for many, and not having their dance classes to relieve their stress, anxiety or simply to have some personal expression time, may be difficult.  There is also anxiety for those that have been preparing for the Spring recital, OZ.   I am not certain of what difficulties we may encounter with our online classes— there may be some technical difficulties, trials and errors in making it work at it’s best, and we may be at the mercy of our internet connections, etc., but I am so glad to be able to offer these classes to you.

ALL STARS, please look for an email sent March 14, 6:50pm, for online classes instructions.




As of March 12, 2020 

Dear ALL STARS Families, 
We are all in this together.  As a parent and educator, I want to keep my family, my students, my students' families, and the community around us, healthy and safe. 

I appreciate caution, and realize our government and public school officials are taking preventative measures to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus. I repeat, as a second home to our dancers, the health and safety of our students and community is a top priority to me. 

ALL STARS remains open and classes are in session; however, we are taking actions to be in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations. We take the COVID-19 situation very seriously.
The following outlines our multifaceted strategy. 

1) To maintain a safe and healthy environment, and in accordance with CDC guidelines, we have increased our cleaning practices to include the following measures: 
• Ensure hand-washing supplies are in working order and well stocked in the restrooms.
• Supplied all classrooms with disinfecting wipes to sanitize the ballet barres, door handles and door edges before each class. 
• Increased frequency of daily cleaning of the restrooms, door handles, and water fountains. 
• Updated signs in restrooms to remind everyone to wash hands, and require all students to wash their hands when arriving at the studio. 

2) We have instructed our teachers to implement the following preventive measures during class: 
• Encourage healthy practices such as coughing into elbow and washing hands upon entry to the studio.
• Wipe down frequently touched surfaces at the start of each class.
• Be mindful that COVID-19 can cause stress and anxiety to our students and to emphasize a positive and joyful learning environment. 

3) To ensure the health and safety of our entire community, we have asked our faculty and staff, and we ask you to please...
• Stay home from dance class if you’ve stayed home from activities, work or are feeling unwell. 
• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or sleeve.
• Wash your hands upon arrival at ALL STARS.
• Avoid touching your face.
• Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

4) We are making online classes available starting March 16:
I realize that some of you may feel reluctant to come to ASPA to take class; however, you are also aware of the importance of continued training as a dancer for your continued growth, and continued rehearsals for the May show you have been working so hard on to date.  So, please check your email for upcoming details on how to attend class online.

We will continue to monitor news and recommended safety protocols, and will update this page accordingly. 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at


Link: CDC Steps to Prevent Illness