I LOVE fantastic opportunities-- that's why it's great to be an ALL STAR! 

Flow 40 is coming to ALL STARS, March 17 & 18!   

What is Flow 40, you may ask?  Well, Flow 40 is a Dance Workshop offering you, students ages 5 and up, of all skill levels, the opportunity to expand your dance education with positive reinforcement and high-energy classes in the comfort of ALL STARS.  They are the nation’s premiere in-house dance workshop, offering all the benefits of a major dance convention with their dynamic faculty, striving to cultivate each dancer’s growth through smaller classes while offering cutting edge choreography and technical training. 

We agree in the belief that being exposed to multiple class styles and teachers makes a dancer stronger as a person, and will better prepare you for the professional dance world. And whether or not you will choose to become a professional, their faculty is trained to build and support positive character growth that you may use on and off the dance floor.   

What will be taught? 
The workshop will include: Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical (Contemporary), Musical Theater, Turns & Leaps, and Mock Audition.   The Mock Audition experience takes students through a general audition process. All students take part and observe the entire process.  You will learn how to survive in a sometimes intimidating environment, giving you the tips to succeed in a positive and relaxed setting. 

Who will be teaching?  
Two wonderful master teachers will be at ALL STARS, offering fantastic classes, with upbeat personalities.  These are industry professionals that LOVE to teach and want to spread the joy of dance.  They also have amazing resumes! WOW! 

Nick Drago: 
Nick Drago, a native Texan and graduate of Oklahoma City University, now resides in Los Angeles as a professional dancer and actor. He has appeared in music videos including Jessica Simpson’s “Boots,” My Chemical Romance’s “Helena,” Finger Eleven’s “Paralyzer,” and others including Duran Duran, Melody Gardot, and the All American Rejects. Some of Drago’s television credits include Scrubs, Suburgatory, The Hollow Men, Wizards of Waverly Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fresh Beat Band, Dancing with the Stars, The Oprah Winfrey Show, MTV’s VMAs, Fashion Rocks, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cristela, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Baby Daddy, Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer, How I Met Your Mother, & Glee. 
He has appeared in La La Land, Alvin & The Chipmunks (as Theodore’s Dance Double), The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (J Edgar), Hop with Russell Brand, The Muppets, G.I. Joe 2, and various other spots on The History Channel, Comedy Central, VH1, The Idea Network, and NBC. 
Nick has been seen on the Emmys, Golden Globes, Spike TV’s Video Game Awards with Neil Patrick Harris, and The People’s Choice Awards with Queen Latifah. In addition to his film and television work, Nick has appeared in front of national and international audiences in Jeff Amsden’s A Few Good Men Dancin’ and as Gene Kelly in “The Good Steno”with Paul Ben-Victor. His interest in health and nutrition has given him the opportunity to model for Men’s Fitness Magazine and XM Radio. Drago can also worked with Jillian Michael’s (The Biggest Loser) and Leslie Sansone’s fitness and training videos. Commercially, Drago has worked with Exxon gasoline, Jagermeister, MBNA, Smithfield Ham, Ford, Dickies, and San Miguel Beer. A dancer in such industrials for Harley Davidson and Liberty Mutual, he has also worked with, music and film stars, Jason Segel, Jamie Pressly, Chazz Palminteri, Christopher Lloyd, Ru Paul, Brittany Murphy, Mariah Carey, Jem, One Republic, and Rihanna. 
Nick can also be seen on season one of Bravo’s “Step It Up & Dance” and is also the co-host of Nick & Desiree’s Infinite Dance Cast www.InfiniteDanceCast.com available on itunes. Also is the co-owner of Flow 40 Dance Workshops www.Flow40Dance.com, & Another Good Sandwich Productions. Instagram: @NickDrago_ 

Albert Cattafi: 
Albert Blaise Cattafi has been dancing since the age of 5, and since that time has established himself as a fine young artist. Cattafi’s extensive training includes the renowned faculties of both the JOFFREY BALLEET SCHOOL N.Y. and KELLY ALLEN’S “FOR DANCERS ONLY” in Little Falls, New Jersey. Albert has worked professionally for some of the countries top choreographers including RAY LEEPER and MIA MICHAELS. In addition, some of Albert’s live stage performances include, dancing as a soloist for the URBAN BALLET THEATRE, a guest artist at THE ASTAIRE AWARDS on BROADWAY, and as a featured soloist in both the National and European tours of A FEW GOOD MEN ….. DANCIN’ , directed and choreographed by JEFF AMSDEN. 
Cattafi has been featured in a COKE ZERO commercial and originated the role of Toto in Des McAnuffs re-imagination of THE WIZ. Albert is  also a member of RASTA THOMAS’ BAD BOYS OF DANCE as well as a character in Jerry Mitchell’s PEEP SHOW in Las Vegas. Most recently, Albert was the assistant choreographer to RAY LEEPER on the FRANCO DRAGONE project INDIA.  He has also assisted in the production of major Broadway shows including Spiderman, Tarzan and Billy Elliot.  Cattafi has also performed on the Video Music Awards for Florence and the Machine, with choreographer Travis Wall, was a guest artist in the Miss Kentucky pageant and most recently performed as a guest on So You Think You Can Dance, with the Bad Boys of Dance.  Currently, Albert is a part of the Cirque production Love in Las Vegas, by Franco Dragone.  Albert continues to believe that you can never stop learning and therefore never stop growing. Always strive for perfection and never stop smiling.


What is the Schedule? 

The Flow 40 Workshop will be held Saturday and Sunday, March 17 & 18. 

• Minis (Ages 5-8):  Saturday, 9am-11am  Jazz & Hip Hop 

• 2 levels (Beg/Int & Int/Adv) will be offered for grades 3rd and up.  4 classes on Saturday, 5 classes on Sunday. 

   The schedule might look something like this:   WOW!  :-) 

   Saturday, March 17 
              Level 1                          Level2 
   11am    Jazz                             Jazz    
   12pm   Musical Theater    Hip Hop
      1pm   BREAK                      BREAK 
    1:30     Hip Hop                    Contemporary 
   2:30     Turns & Leaps        Musical Theater 

   Sunday, March 18 
               Level 1                          Level 2 
   11am    Jazz                               Tap 
   12pm   Tap                               Hip Hop 
   1pm     BREAK                         BREAK 
   1:30      Lyrical                         Jazz 
   2:30     Hip Hop                      Turns & Leaps 
   3:30    --------MOCK AUDITION--------  


How does this compare to other dance conventions/workshops?  Why should I take this Workshop instead? 

The Pricing:  Other dance convention pricing examples: The Pulse on Tour $235-$285; Jump $300; Hollywood Vibe $250-$260; Nuvo $300.    

The Convenience:  Having the workshop at ALL STARS saves you the hassle of traveling down-town at early morning and back in the afternoon. For those who rather stay overnight at the hotel to avoid the extra driving and gas, you save on hotel and meal expenses.   

The Attention: At other conventions there are 150-300 students jammed into a carpeted hotel ballroom.  The teachers are up on a stage with a mic, and usually 2 assistants.  They teach some choreography from up there, while the dancers struggle to see them, sometimes learning from the dancer in front of them, instead of the teacher.  Little to no individual attention is given to the dancers, as it would be impossible to do so.  Only the few fortunate enough to fight their way to front are truly seen.  The amount of time they have to work, is divided into groups to allow the dancers some more space and "attention."  ............... .............Having the workshop at ALL STARS, maintains the number of dancers in the classroom between 20-40.  That gives the students direct and full attention of the teachers, less time wasted, and much attention to technique and details.  For those who took Valery Lantratov's class, you know how wonderful it was for him to acknowledge your efforts directly. This cannot be achieved in a room full of hundreds of kids.  This is a fantastic opportunity to train with Master teachers/dancers hands-on and get to know each other by name, take photos, and ask questions...  :-)   

The parent's opportunity to watch: Other dancer conventions will charge you a observer fee. YES!  They want you to pay to watch your dancer take class.  Depending on the workshop, they charge between $25 and $40. At ALL STARS, you will be free to observe via the viewing windows. ***Please know you DO NOT have to stay all day, and drop-off is encouraged, but for those who would like to stay, you can.  :-) 


How much and how do I register? 

Minis:  $70 for 2 master classes, Saturday, March 17, 9-11am 

3rd grade and up: 2-day workshop (9 hours of classes) is only $210  


REGISTER at the front desk, by calling the office 678-400-0091, or via email: mail@allstarsperform.com. 


We are proud this workshop is brought to you by a project by the National Honor Society for Dance Arts ALL STARS Chapter.