December 12, 2021 
“No! Kylo Ren will not in fact be at my takeover next weekend, but made clear how much he supports my cause. That’s fine because I have built many other supporters who will be there to witness and cheer me on as I takeover Whoville and end Christmas celebrations once and for all!” This was Mr. Grinch’s latest statement when questioned about his insinuation Kylo Ren might be a part of his campaign climax on December 18 & 19 at The Eagle Theatre in Sugar Hill, GA. 
😳Who’s from Whoville admit the popularity of Mr. Grinch and his new found supporters have made them uneasy and hope more people will join them to save Christmas. 
👀Only a few tickets are left. Get yours and help the Who’s, Nutcracker and Clara stop the Grinch. 
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December 4, 2021 
The Grinch was seen last Saturday morning downtown Atlanta performing with his ALL STARS dancers at CHOA’s holiday event on Peachtree Street. 
He took time to speak with as many officials and bystanders as possible to join him in his “Stop the Merriment” campaign.  He reminds everyone to get tickets to attend and witness his complete takeover of An ALL STARS Nutcracker on Dec 18 & 19 at The Eagle Theatre in Sugar Hill.  He is convinced his scheme to takeover Whoville that weekend will end Christmas once and for all. 
Who’s and Christmas fans from around the world plead with the public to join them in support of the joy and love Christmas represents, in hopes someone can stop the Grinch. 
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Nov 14, 2021 

“I say it ends now!” The latest statement from Mr. Grinch in his Stop the Merriment campaign.  Mr. Grinch warns the community of decorating for the holidays, explaining decorations lead to singing and joy and merriment. He also visited a school function in hopes to persuade teachers to Stop the Merriment in the classrooms. It does not seem he’s made much leeway there, but he says he won’t give up and hopes everyone comes out to support him on Dec 18 & 19 at The Eagle Theatre in Sugar Hill, where ALL STARS Performing Arts will be presenting An ALL STARS Nutcracker and he plans to put a stop to it.  He claims the ALL STARS Nutcracker is the epitome of holiday joy, and states “if I can stop that, well, the rest is like taking candy from a baby.”  Tickets to An ALL STARS Nutcracker available now.
🎟 You can get tickets here: TICKETS