“To Tell A Story” 

Choreographers’ Lab & Showcase 

To Develop Aspiring Choreographers and Dancers 

2-weeks, June 3-14


Show:  June 14  (Theater TBA)

2-week Choreography Workshop by selection

6 aspiring choreographers will be selected to develop and expand their choreography skills by learning to create for and work with dancers.  
Choreographers will work hand in hand with ASPA director, Victoria Kesler. She has presented 24 productions, and choreographed and staged over a thousand choreographies in just the past 10 years.  

The 6 selected choreographers’ pieces will be presented in a ticketed, theater, fundraiser show at the end of the session (theater TBA). This fundraiser will provide scholarships for financially challenged dancers to attend ALL STARS for the 2019-2020 dance year. (Scholarship will include their registration, tuition, production participation fees, costume.  Interested dancers must complete an application for qualification.) 
So, Dance with a purpose: Dance to change a life. 


Selection Process for Aspiring Choreographers

• 2 Contemporary choreographers 
• 1 Ballet choreographer 
• 2 Hip Hop choreographers 
• 1 “Other” Choreographer (jazz, ballroom, etc) 

1) Email application to by April 15, 2019.      APPLICATION DOWNLOAD
2) Include a video showing your work (can be a new video or past performance with any amount of dancers (even by yourself)
3) Include an artistic statement— tell us what is your style, why you love choreography, what you hope to accomplish through dance and through your choreography. 

There is no fee to apply. 


Selection Process for Dancers

15-20 versatile dancers (Ballet, Contemporary Hip Hop, Jazz) 

This is a fantastic opportunity to not only do what you love, but make a difference in the dance community. As you're perfecting your performance skills, you will also be developing these choreographers skills, and providing an opportunity for a child to take dance, that would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience what you know about how dance can change your life. 

• Email your dance history to by April 15, 2019. 
Dance history should include: name, date of birth, training (what, where, and for how long you have trained for each style), dance workshops & summer training, dance performances, summer dance auditions and if accepted, and any professional experience. 



Choreographers  $400 

Dancers: $200 


Day’s schedule:
 9:00-  9:15   Warm-up 
 9:15- 10:00  Choreographer 1 
10:00-10:45  Choreographer 2 
10:45- 11:30  Choreographer 3 
11:30- 12:15  LUNCH 
12:15-  1:00   Choreographer 4 
 1:00-  1:45   Choreographer 5 
 1:45–  2:30   Choreographer 6 
 2:30-  3:00   Recap 

What to bring 
Notebook and pen. Refillable water bottle, healthy snacks and healthy lunch.  (we recommend limiting/eliminating candy, cookies, cakes, donuts, sodas, etc). 

What to Wear:
• Girls: Leotard, Tights, black leggings, ballet slippers, character shoes, jazz shoes,,foot undies (as needed), sneakers, loose fitting clothes for hip hop. 
• Boys: black t-shirt, black jazz pants, black ballet slippers, jazz shoes, foot undies (as needed), sneakers, loose fitting clothes for Hip Hop

Summer Policies: 

• A $100 non-refundable deposit is due upon enrollment for our camps. This deposit will be processed by our office within 24 hours of our receiving your enrollment. 
• If your credit card is declined when we process your deposit, you will lose your enrollment spot in camp and have to re-register, so please double check your credit card info when you enroll. 
• Your camp deposit is non-refundable, however it is full transferable to another camp prior to May 15th providing there is space available in another camp. 
• After May 15th, deposits are non-transferable. 
• If you enroll after May 15th, the full cost of camp is due at the time of enrollment. 
• There is a $20 discount for each additional camp enrollment per family. (Family’s first enrollment pays full price and each additional camp enrollment per family will receive the $20 discount.) 
• Remaining tuition balance on camps is due June 3rd and will be automatically run on the credit card we have on file for your family unless you have made payment via cash or check prior to that date.