Yolanda Ortiz

Flamenco • Ballroom/Latin 

Yoli has 62 years  experience in  dance education.  She opened her first dancing  school in Puerto Rico when  she was 13. By the time she was 18, she  had 6 schools around the island and a  TV program centered around her  dancers.  Her agent booked her and her sister’s dance duo  on a one year tour throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean and Miami, before relocating  to  Maryland.  The duo  broke-up and she joined the Arthur Murray   School of Dance, where she was distinguished by Arthur Murray  himself in an  award trip to NYC.  She trained and received her  Teacher’s Diploma from  Jay Dash in Philadelphia where she operated  her dancing school.  In 1978, after returning to Puerto Rico  again, she opened what she thought would be her last dancing school in  Carolina, operating for  28 years, until she “retired” at the end of 2006 to  move to GA and  enjoy her grandchildren.  During her time in P.R., she was the regional director for Puerto Rico and Caribbean for Dance Educators  of  America, her school was the city’s representative dance company,  as Ballet de Carolina, in countrywide parades and government  functions.  She received  numerous awards throughout the years,  and was honored in 2005 for her lifetime  dedication towards the  artistic development of Puerto Rican children.   Although she  thought she was ready to retire, she has realized that she is not, and is  very excited to continue sharing her gift at ALL STARS. 

(Yes; Yoli is Victoria’s mother)