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2017-2018 Membership sign-ups are open until September 15th. Join today!

Middle School student annual fees: $20 (returning member $15)

High School student annual fee: $30 (returning member $15)

ALL STARS National Honor Society for Dance Arts Chapter is proud to bring you the fantastic opportunity of taking dance convention master classes in our studio.  

Instead of hundreds of dancers competing for the attention of the master teachers, to be able to have just about 20-30 dancers with full eyes on them, is a great gift.  It will be similar to the experience of taking class with world renown, Valery Lantratov.  Imagine he was a part of a dance convention.  He would have been up on a stage with a few assistants, and there would be 100-200 dancers on the carpeted ballroom floor, trying to get the best view to learn and listen to what he says.  But at ALL STARS he was there hands on with each student.  The experience and learning is extraordinary, with master teachers like this. Flow 40 Master Teachers are not only industry professionals from Broadway, Film, TV and Tours, but also LOVE to teach, and thus have joined this Flow 40 team to reach out and inspire, instruct and improve dancers.       Don’t miss the opportunity to train with two Flow 40 teachers for 8 hours, plus a bonus Audition class. That’s 9 hours of Master Classes, in the convenience of your own studio. No traffic going to and from Atlanta; no filled ballrooms of dancers doing whatever it takes to get in front of master teachers who barely notice, and at best give a few minutes for quick photos.  We are so proud to bring this to ALL STARS!!!     

Get all the pricing details and sign-up at the front desk.