Our performance teams contain hand-selected students based on their stage presence, technique, and hard work who show the greatest focus, determination and passion for dance, who are ready for more challenging choreography and performance opportunities. These students are held at a higher expectation to act as leaders, in and out of the classroom. They are given more responsibilities including extra required classes, summer training, and more performance opportunities than the rest of the studio.


Students cannot audition to be part of these dance teams. The only way to be selected is to prove oneself in the classroom, lobby, and community performances. We pay attention to our dancers' attitudes, work ethic, consistency, application of corrections, confidence, maturity, and performance ability. Students will be selected for our performance teams after the spring recital in May. (we do not allow students to join this program during the school year.)


If you are interested in being a part of our performance teams, we encourage you to share your goals with your teachers, so that they can provide you with corrections & direction for you to grow.

2022-2023 Supernovas Performance Team- Grades 7th-12th

2023-2024 Starlets Performance Team - Grades 1st-6th

2022-2023 Starlets Performance Team - Grades 2nd-6th