DaeSun Cupid
Jazz, Hip Hop

DaeSun Cupid is a dance teacher, choreographer, performer, actor, and creative director originally from Augusta, Georgia. There he attended Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School for 7 years in pursuit of various studies throughout the arts. Due to his outstanding achievements and hard work in both the field of dance and stage production, he was able to choreograph and assist with putting numerous dance pieces in front of thousands of patrons. His foundations in dance include West African-styles, Contemporary, Ballet, Breakdancing, Ballet, Partnering, and more. He then began teaching at the age of 16 to many of the local aspiring dancers. After engaging with local dance for several years, he made the decision to move to Atlanta, Georgia in pursuit of a dance career in the entertainment industry. Over the few short years of his residency, he has been blessed with opportunities to learn and work under some of the greatest names in the industry. His credits include names such as Jamaica Craft, Fatima Robinson, Rio Henderson, Amy Allen, Josh Smith and many more.