DaeSun Cupid
Jazz, Hip Hop

DaeSun Cupid is a dance teacher, choreographer, performer, actor, and creative director. He was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia where he attended John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School for 7 years. Due to his outstanding achievements and hard work in both the field of dance and stage production, he was able to choreograph and assist with putting together numerous dance pieces for thousands of patrons. After engaging with local dance studios for several years he decided it was time for a new environment. He is now resides in Atlanta where he teaches numerous styles at various dance studios in the area, acting as a leader in the local community. His credits include names such as YK Osiris, Saweetie, Leah Culver, BET, Tiffany Evans, Angelica Hale and Estelita Quintero La Diosa. He has also worked under prominent names such as Garth Fagan, Jamaica Craft and Fatima Robinson. He is now expanding upon and reaching others through his true passion, teaching.